Patek Philippe Launch their London Exhibition in Grand Fashion

Earlier this month, Rapport collaborated alongside Patek Philippe to support its ‘Watch Art Grand Exhibition‘ in London’s Saatchi Gallery.

The general public have been fascinated by the watchmaker, and the exhibition has given them the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the world of the last independent Swiss watch manufacturer.

The support campaign, planned and booked by Rapport and Initiative ran on seventy-two fully wrapped taxis, as well as across roadside 6 sheets and Rail 16 sheets for the fortnight around the exhibition period. Clear Channel’s Chiswick Towers were planned and booked to display branded Patek creative around the launch of the campaign.

Visitors had access to over four hundred exceptional timepieces distributed throughout more than twenty-one themed areas. The event, which has been open to the public since Wednesday 27th May, has attracted well over 25,000 people in only seven days.

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