Deli Adopts Facial Recognition Software to Evade Police Attention

An out-of-home campaign in Moscow has incorporated facial recognition software into an outdoor screen in an effort to hide an advertisement from the Russian police.

Don Giulio, an authentic Italian delicatessen in the Russian capital, continues to sell Italian meat, cheese and other ingredients despite a ban last summer on any food imports into the country from the European Union or the United States.

Facial recognition software had been tweaked to identify the official symbols and logos on the uniforms of the Russian police, triggering an advert promoting the delicatessen’s fresh Italian produce to switch to an ad for a traditional Russian doll shop.

The campaign highlights the potential that facial recognition and eye-tracking software could bring to the outdoor advertising industry, despite its controversial nature.

The out-of-home industry has already seen activations of this nature, including the recent campaign from Women’s Aid, whose ‘Look at Me’ campaign took home this year’s Cannes Lions Gold Award for its creatively inspiring approach to raising awareness of domestic abuse.

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