Exterion Media Data Reveals Rugby Fans Follow Matches on the Move

Excitement for the Rugby World Cup 2015, set to take place in London this year, is reaching fever pitch and fans are optimistic about the fate of the English team. Using its online research tool, work.shop.play., Exterion Media, Europe’s largest privately held Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising business, uncovered the expectation that almost two thirds (62%) of Britons are confident that the English side will survive to at least the quarter final stage, with 26 percent hopeful that they will reach the semi-finals.

Exterion looked at how rugby fans will follow their favourite teams during the World Cup, and found that the majority (69%) of Britons are planning to watch the games on a TV set, while 16 percent and 10 percent of fans will stay connected to score updates while out and about and on public transport respectively.

Compared to the majority who choose to watch the games on TV, just 19 percent will choose to watch full games using the web. Of those who will watch games on live TV, 68 percent will do so from their home or a friend’s and another 28 percent will turn it into a social occasion and watch it with friends in a pub.

Jason Cotterrell, Managing Director UK, Exterion Media, says:

“Looking at Exterion data research, it’s clear that we Brits still love getting into the spirit of our favourite sports by watching the matches with our friends at home or at the pub. However, with the average bus journey in London taking between 17-19 minutes and Tube commute taking 35 minutes, it’s no surprise that many rugby fans will choose this time to catch up with the results of their favourite teams.”

London-based fans and Tube users are more reliant on the internet and social media than those in the wider population when it comes to watching highlights of games and keeping track of scores. 51 percent of Tube user fans plan to stay glued to internet sites, compared to 48 percent of the wider urban population. More than one in three (34%) London fans will choose to keep track of scores via social media, compared to 29 percent of the wider audience.

“It’s clear that London audiences are looking to be entertained and informed while they’re on the move or riding the Tube. Being able to quickly check in with how their team is doing, or being able to watch a clip of an amazing tackle, is an easy way for fans to stay engaged with the tournament even though they might not have time to watch the whole game,” adds Jason.

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