Paul Doherty’s ‘My Week in Media’

Paul Doherty, Account Manager at Rapport, shares his experiences over a particularly busy week in our London offices, and beyond.


It’s the Monday morning after the Thursday night before…

Having recently won the Twentieth Century Fox account we were lucky enough to get invited to our first premiere, just down the road at Leicester Square for The Martian. Myself and Susie, who now work on the account together, go down, as well as a lot of the pitch team who did the hard graft bringing the account in! Autographs signed and selfies posed for, we left the fans happy outside on the red carpet and sat down to enjoy the film. It definitely delivered, with loads of action, drama and a lot more comical moments than I’d expected (Mark Kermode I’m not, sorry!). If the film was excellent, then the after party certainly maintained the standard! Rumours of an unnamed member of the Rapport team being chatted up by a Hollywood A-lister at the bar can’t be confirmed or denied at this point…

Needless to say, the whole team get a full debrief in our weekly Monday morning status before we get down to the business end of things. It takes its normal structure with James at the helm; what he scored on his weekend round, what was booked last week, any potential options/bookings to be placed this week and then a look further down the line. Everyone has still got bits and pieces to place before the end of the year but there’s also a detailed look at Q1 for next year!

First job when I get back my desk on a Monday is to scope out the rest of the week and it looks like it’s going to be a busy one. I have been on the Mediabrands‘ team for the last two years, mainly working with the guys over at UM but with the arrival of Fox, we’ve had a bit of a shake up and I’m now working solely on that. There’s a lot to do as I transition over as I’ve got a few big campaigns that are just coming to a head with UM, Esso Synergy (which includes a few special builds) and the launch of New Amsterdam. It’s also straight into the deep end with Fox as they have a great looking slate for next year including a number of films in Q1 with awards buzz around them so there’s lots of planning to be done.


Tuesday morning sees us head over to Fox HQ. They’re only based a couple of mins away in Soho Square, so it’s a quick stop off in the office to go through a few emails then myself and Susie head over. We’re going to see the Home Ents team who are going to give us a presentation on their H1 slate. As well as us, there are also teams from Vizeum and the various creative agencies that Fox works with. Although it was held in one of their in-house cinemas, it’s not quite the trailer and popcorn fest that we may have hoped for! Despite the lack of popcorn (there are retro chocolate bars instead though, so all is well) it’s a really insightful meeting and there’s a lot to take from it… bottom line, it’s going to be a busy start to the year for us and them!

Meeting done, we start the journey back to the office but only get as far as the pub (with Tuesday being the new Wednesday and Wednesday being the new Thursday, technically we’re OK!!). But we do have a good reason; Kat is heading off on maternity leave today so we go to say our goodbyes over a diet coke or two.

The afternoon is slightly less eventful. A media owner meeting and then nitty gritty of Route… proving it’s not all premieres and pub lunches!


Wednesday starts off with breakfast with Oceane from JCDecaux, an excellent way to get over the midweek hump! From there it’s straight over to Vizeum for an ideas session for the February release of Deadpool. Although we’ve got a direct appointment with Fox, Vizeum are responsible for the rest of their media planning and buying so we’ve been spending a lot of time over there getting to know them. They’re a really good bunch and know the client inside out so it’s been a pleasure working with them. The ideas session will definitely go down as one of the most fun and memorable meetings I’ve been to so be sure to  keep an eye out for the film and OOH campaign in Feb next year!

It’s back to Holborn straight after that for a lunch time meeting with Primesight. While lunch meetings in the office aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, this is an exception as they’ve come in to show us the upcoming film releases for the quarter. It also helps that they brought pizza. As well as being a nice treat for us, it’s also a chance for them to push their cinema inventory. With Bond, Hunger Games and Star Wars all out before the end of the year it’s going to a busy one

Wednesday afternoon is spent tending my inbox…


Thursday saw the great and the good of the OOH world ascend to the IMAX at Waterloo for the Ocean Digital Creative competition. It’s one of the industry events that I look forward to the most as it’s a chance to see what’s been going across the year and there are always a few great ideas knocking round.  I’ve been the last three years but this is the first year I’ve gone with any real vested interest as I’ve got two clients who submitted entries; Fox and Branston. While we ended up empty handed in terms of gongs, we did get shortlisted for our Fox entry (a first for Rapport!) so a big well done and thank you to Craig Barber, who managed it over here, and the guys over at Grand Visual for their help on this…. next year!

Once that was all wrapped up and I’d caught up with a few old faces in the crowd we head back en mass to Holborn. It’s a really nice day so we take advantage and stroll back over Waterloo Bridge and take in the view!

Thursday is always a busy one for us as it’s the day we have our weekly catch up with Fox and Vizeum over at Soho Square. It’s normally a Thursday morning job, but given this morning’s events we pushed it back to the afternoon. So once I’m back in the office I set about doing what needs to be done for that

First thing after lunch, Susie and myself make the journey over to Fox to spend the afternoon there. There are three films on the agenda. Depending on what stage of planning we’re in, the catch up’s are either idea generations, updating and going through plans or dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s if we’re close to sign off. Today is a combination of all three so a really productive afternoon but by the time we’re done its home time!


Having spent a lot of time out of the office this week, it’s good to see a day where I can set up camp at my desk for the day! Before I can though, Exterion pay us a visit to talk Christmas. They go through what they’ve got in store for the rest of the year and how they could work for us. Perhaps more importantly, though, they bring cake decorations and gingerbread men for us to decorate. Everyone gets a bit carried away and by then end of it the boardroom looks like a cross between the set of Elf and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

After that, Friday morning is all about confirming approvals on a couple of campaigns we’ve got coming in that day and getting them in the books for Monday morning before we do it all again!

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Paul Doherty

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