Outsmart Collaborate Alongside IPAO to Bring Data-Led Tool, ‘Space’

Outsmart have worked with the IPAO, IPA’s outdoor specialists, to launch a new data-led tool for outdoor advertisers, Space. The data management application is designed to store, categorise and standardise every piece of OOH inventory within the UK market, registering half a million outdoor frames.

The collaborative work on Space will offer advertisers more information about historical competitive data and the geographical placement of outdoor ads. Space will also provide the user access to audience data, from Route Research. A site’s proximity can be measured to socially sensitive locations, such as schools, for which some ads may require a restriction.

Each of the 500,000 outdoor frames is linked to a unique identification code, which gleans from each site information about production requirements or mobile touch-point references.

Alan Brydon, CEO at Outsmart, said:

This is an example of best-in-class collaboration across the Out-of-Home industry.

it gives us an excellent platform from which to develop the increasing requirement for data management and exchange, which will continue to give brands the confidence to embrace Out-of-Home.

In September, the Outdoor Media Centre rebranded to Outsmart and its team is being expanded by Brydon to include a full-time team of ten.

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