Forrest Media Present ‘Magnificent Seven’ DOOH Network in Glasgow

Forrest Media has become the first OOH media owner in the UK to deliver a geographically robust, full giant digital offering encompassing an entire city.

With cover of 418,776 and 45.19% reach of the Greater Glasgow population, no other media (with the exception of TV) can deliver such tremendous audiences to an advertiser.

Glasgow is the UK’s third largest city and the Forrest Glasgow CityScreen Network offers digital Out-of-Home advertisers a tremendous opportunity to target the 1.2 million Glaswegian population, offering unavoidable impact for their outdoor media advertising at every major entry point into the city.

Available from the start of 2016, the seven screens cover the main Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western approaches to the city, in conjunction with Forrest’s flagship Central screen on Union Street and the addition of brand new screens at the Quay Leisure Complex and the Glasgow Gateway on the Clyde Expressway, the city’s busiest route in and out of town.

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