Spotify’s ‘Year in Music’ Streams OOH Message Across US Neighbourhoods

Spotify’s ‘Year in Music’ OOH campaign saw 2015’s most popular tunes transformed into pieces of Out-of-Home advertising targeted at specific neighbourhoods in New York and Los Angeles.

According to Spotify, Justin Bieber’s single Sorry was the most popular song in the American town of Williamsburg this year. The music-streaming brand ran a mural-style ad that displayed the following message, Sorry, Not Sorry Williamsburg. Bieber’s hit trended highest in this zip code.

An Out-of-Home ad encouraged people to Sleep tight, with sleep-themed playlists determined as being the most popular in a Brooklyn neighbourhood. Among other listening trends, Drake was the number one streamed artist this year, and Rihanna was the top female singer. The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness was the most streamed album of the year.

This is the fifth year of Spotify’s ‘Year in Music’ campaign, but it’s the first time the music streaming service has turned to the Out-of-Home medium to support its marketing efforts.

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