Exterion Media and Telefonica UK introduce Smart Insights Tool – Abi

Exterion Media has today introduced Abi, a new insights tool for marketers that draws on anonymous aggregated data from Telefónica UK’s 25 million O2 customers, to generate actionable demographic and behavioural detail about London Underground users.

As the first product borne from the partnership between Europe’s largest privately held Out-of-Home advertising firm and a leading digital communications company, the release of Abi – short for Audience Behavioural Insights – offers the ability for brands and advertisers to better understand and target consumers.

“The power of actionable data is now available to brands like never before. Understanding the actual, persistent – and not claimed – behaviours of groups of consumers over time with a tool like Abi allows for more effective decision-making,” said Exterion Media’s Head of Data and Technology, Mick Ridley.

“The level of insight to be gained from analysing behavioural data just does not exist in the highly modelled, static data that has up until now been applied to dynamic environments like the London Underground. We’re in a very transformative, but hugely exciting time in Out-of-Home.”

Ridley said that in addition to helping marketers to better use digital screens to target audiences with relevant and well-timed messages, the tool will also help planners to understand how to deliver to audiences in outer zone stations in a smart, context-relevant way.

Abi identifies the millions of journeys made on the London Underground every day and overlays on these journeys location and behavioural data from the O2 customer base (the commercial brand of Telefónica UK). The dashboard allows brands to plan campaigns around the crowd behaviours of aggregated groups from three core sources:


  • Mobile activity from devices within the network;
  • Anonymised CRM data from the O2 network;
  • Behaviour collected via app usage and web browsing.


The tool protects customers’ information and data by anonymising and aggregating all information – users only ever see crowds, and never the identification of an individual.

“It was important to us to create a flexible solution that allowed for the manipulation of data to not only deliver on clients’ needs, but demonstrate our effectiveness against other media channels. Diving into the tool, users can quickly see that it goes far beyond simple audience targeting and delivers real insights about behaviours and sites.”

Robert Franks, MD of Digital Commerce at Telefónica UK said Abi was an exciting first product to result from the partnership.

“Smart Insights is the perfect application of our award-winning Smart Steps service. We have a unique understanding of the transport sector from this tool, and sharing it means we’re giving Exterion and its customers the best opportunity to get the right content, to the right people, in the right location and at the right time.”

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