Comedy Central Launch Teaser for the Return of ‘Drunk History’ Series

Rapport worked alongside Comedy Central to drive awareness of the latest in the television series, Drunk History. The Out-of-Home advertising campaign went live across the UK this month, promoting the show’s top comedic talent across some of the UK’s largest cities.

Waterloo Motion (see above), London Underground X-Track 96 Sheets and bus T-sides were the key formats used across the capital, while other activity saw Liverpool and Manchester’s Media Walls used to spread the word.

Drunk History is a unique TV show combining comedy, history and alcohol. After its success across the Atlantic, the first series was launched in January 2015, followed by the commissioning of a second series for early 2016.

In each episode, a comedian is plied with drink and asked to recount a tale from history. As they understandably struggle with the facts, another set of famous actors and comedians act out their drunken version of events, lip syncing them word for slurred word. The historical sets and costumes are worthy of a serious history show, but when a drunk narrator is in charge the stories are a hilarious mess.

Catch Drunk History on Comedy Central on Fridays at 11pm from February 2016.

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