Age UK Launches Geo-targeted DOOH Campaign over the Christmas Period

Age UK launched a Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign to raise awareness about the plight of loneliness amongst older people over the festive period and, indeed, at other times of the year too. The activity saw the charity take its “No one should have no one at Christmas” message nationwide in a geotargeted and contextually relevant campaign spanning roadside digital billboards till the first week of December.

The digital OOH campaign draws on the charity’s ground-breaking ‘loneliness heat maps’ which show the risk of loneliness among older people in every neighbourhood in England. Grand Visual produced the campaign from repurposed poster artwork and each execution referenced locally relevant figures with subtle motion techniques added for those sites that permit it, like Signature’s CityVision, Holloway Head billboard in Birmingham, which announced ‘There are 41,000 lonely older people in the West Midlands’ alongside the strapline “No one should have no one” and call to action to visit

The nationwide DOOH campaign ran across Primesight, Signature and Clear Channel roadside D48 networks. The DOOH activity supports a larger outdoor push and is part of a fully integrated campaign spanning direct response and social media. The campaign sought to drive donations, encourage people to volunteer and take action locally, and raise public awareness of the issue more broadly.

Beverley Sullivan at Age UK, commented:

“It is important to highlight this issue at Christmas, a time of year when many older people may feel especially lonely and ‘left out’ of the festivities. DOOH gives us the opportunity to reach a national audience with locally relevant messaging which we hope will really resonate with people and encourage them to help Age UK to combat loneliness at Christmas and throughout the year.”

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual, explained:

“Digital Out of Home is the ideal medium for reaching a broadcast audience with locally relevant messages.  Contextual relevance provides a deeper level of emotional engagement and provides a great impetus to get involved and go online to find out more.”

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