‘Airports: Open for Business’ Unveiled by JCDecaux

JCDecaux has unveiled its latest research in a series of global studies exploring key audiences at the airport. The airport advertising study, ‘Airports: Open for Business’, is the largest of its kind focusing on a difficult-to-reach target audience for advertisers.

With a sample, drawn from 12 major markets, the study focuses exclusively on senior and C-suite executives who are the Business Decision Makers (BDMs) for their companies and delivers critical insight into communication with this vital group for B2B advertisers.

In this study, JCDecaux explores BDM’s attitudes to business travel and B2B advertising at the airport. Key insights from the study reveal that BDM’s consider their time at the airport as being a period of ‘still-time’ providing a rare window of opportunity for B2B brands to connect with this valuable business audience.

Flying for business is central to their roles

The study revealed that BDM’s feel that flying for business is an integral part of their roles and they show no signs of reducing the number of flights they take for business, with 95 per cent stating they are flying just as often or more often for business purposes nowadays.

Getting to the heart of BDM’s perceptions of B2B advertising

It was important for JCDecaux to gain an insight into the brand attributes and perceptions BDM’s subconsciously associate with OOH airport advertising which have an influence on their conscious actions.

Through implicit testing, the study proved that BDM’s associate the attributes of successful brands more strongly with B2B advertising at the airport, in comparison to B2B advertising in any media other than out-of-home.

Driving Consideration and Action

B2B advertising at the airport is a very strong driver of brand consideration amongst BDM’s, where 4 out of 5 are likely to consider a B2B brand they had seen advertising at the airport.

It also drives action, with 9 out of 10 BDM’s saying they have taken action as a result of seeing business related advertising at the airport.

A combination of frequent travel, work-mode mindset and positive sub-conscious associations coupled with an interest in their surroundings means the airport is a very conducive environment for any B2B brand to connect and engage with the key audience of BDM’s.

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