Digital OOH Screen Broadcasts Emojis to Reflect Public Response to Cannes Lions on Twitter

Clear Channel partnered with Grand Visual to create a Twitter-enabled campaign that ran at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. #CannesScan, which debuted in France this month, is a live Twitter poll of the most popular emojis being used in reference to all things Cannes Lions.

The trending emoji was broadcasted each day on a large digital billboard positioned above The Grand Hotel in Cannes. The creative scrolls through a range of symbols and expressions, before landing on the most popular emoji at that moment in time.

Chris Pelekanou, Commercial Director at Clear Channel UK, explained:

“#CannesScan is here to help the Cannes crowd garner the mood on the street. It’s on-trend and particularly relevant to the advertising community given the success of Domino’s emoji campaign here last year, which took home the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix. It demonstrates the huge potential of combining OOH with social media platforms for connecting with people on their own terms, in a way that is relevant, accessible and potentially humorous.”

Ric Albert, Digital Director at Grand Visual, said:

“When you are feeling jaded, and potentially a little inebriated, an emoji will do. Visual analytics are easier to read than the written word, and the minimalist simplicity of this execution is its strength. So you can forget scouring social channels, press releases and news articles — simply look up at #CannesScan, to get the true, uncut, public view on the street. Find out if it’s happy hour cocktails, or if there are too many Lion losers bringing down the mood in the bars, with one simple emoji.”

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