CES 2017 – Day Two

Elvis Presley once sang “Viva Las Vegas!”. He also said “Do something worth remembering”. And I’d have to say that there are reams of concepts/tech/innovations worth remembering here at CES 2017. In fact, Elvis himself may well have still been alive had he had access to the wearable electrocardiogram monitor launched by QardioCore, for example.

And me and my second day of epic ‘Walkle 1.0” would have undoubtedly benefitted from a set of Under Armour’s ‘Athlete Recovery Sleepwear’; a smart sleepwear range that uses a bioceramic print inside the clothing that absorbs body heat and helps to repair your body while you sleep.

So despite my lack of intelligent sleepwear, CES 2017 has been intoxicating enough to keep my feet moving from one great innovation to the next – although sometimes I have to admit to being driven in a golf cart between venues. One such instance saw me being driven in said golf cart by a man called John Q. He was potentially a robot.

So technology. It’s no mystery; the stuff that resonates and sticks, is the stuff that simply makes things better. And it’s an incredible sight to see, so many things worth remembering and attempting to make things better out here in the desert. And it’s this that makes it so difficult to pick out highlights… but here goes:

Two more key themes that are defining the event:

Connected Vehicles  – connectivity of devices, personalization of in-car entertainment, AI mood reading, in-car payments, multi-sensory in-car experience, the list goes on. The industry is investing heavily into super-intelligent tech that they hope will place the car at the heart of our device ecosystems.

Smart Strategic Partnerships – especially relevant for the auto market, partnerships such as Nissan + Microsoft + Bose/Tesla + Panasonic/BMW + Intel etc are essential in making those visions of the car as the heart of our device ecosystems.

What these partnerships are creating can appear on first sight to be purely conceptual; dreams of a science fiction tomorrow’s world, but in the most part they’re not predictions for the future, they’re actually happening right now… .

And here are some more things worth remembering:

Futurus Horizon Screen – billed as the world’s only AR display for vehicles, the quality and sharpness of the graphics are super-clean and crisp.. Such technology has multiple potential uses, not least for DOOH.

Samsung Gear 4 Boat Race – one of the best examples of a shared VR experience that I’ve seen; seating around 20 people in a purpose built rig, a rig that has movement sensors in-built to ensure movement is synchronised with the VR content playout = creating ultimate immersion and truly achieving ‘presence’. The expo drew one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen thus far, with queue’s that showed no signs of slowing… which maybe poses the question out to us as the so-called ‘creative industries’ to create more and better such shared experiences for consumers. The tech is there… build it, and they will come.

Panasonic BalloonCam –  Panasonic showcased this prototype for an airborn entertainment solution, that can project images from outside or from built-in projector… It’s a drone, and a balloon, and a camera… so it can also stream live footage and just looks really cool. Really eye-catching solution for stadiums and events.

Solidiphy Cobra ‘Next dimension of memories’ – another great example of a strategic partnership (this time between Solidiphy and Canon), to bring to life 3D printing via the 360 Cobra scanning pod. Simply step in and in seconds a 360 image of yourself has been rendered. But it doesn’t stop there… you can then have your ‘digital double’ 3D printed for $49.99!! The perfect weird gift! But is it weird? We have photos of our loved ones all over our houses, so why wouldn’t we have those same images as 3D models on the mantlepiece?  Here’s me… and yes, of course I’m  going to buy the 3D print of me! Anyone want a copy?


So there we have it… one more day to go. Let’s hope my legs (and mind) can take it..

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