Churchill Launch “World’s First” Interactive Digital Out-of-Home Insurance Campaign

Churchill Motor Insurance recently launched its ‘Uninsured Drivers’ brand activation, with what is understood to be the world’s first interactive digital Out-of-Home (OOH) insurance campaign.

It is estimated that more than one million of UK drivers do not have an active car insurance plan. Churchill’s latest campaign, created in partnership with WCRS and Ocean Outdoor, aims to reinforce the brand’s ‘Depend on the Dog’ message.

The digital billboards were located in four locations across the UK, which were each identified as hotspots for uninsured drivers. Drivers in the city centres of Manchester, Leeds, London and Birmingham, will be alerted to the startling number of uninsured drivers that have driven past each screen that day.

Using data from the Motor Insurance Database and innovative camera-recognition technology, the counter on the screens will go up in real-time, dynamically registering passing vehicles and display how many cars that have passed the precise location are likely to be uninsured.

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