Clear Channel Sweden Help the Homeless with its Shelter Initiative

Clear Channel Sweden is using its digital billboards to help Stockholm’s homeless find their nearest shelter. The Out-of-Home campaign sees ad content from Clear Channel’s digital billboards replaced with directions to the nearest homeless shelter when the temperature drops to freezing conditions.

The initiative uses data sources such as time, weather and location as triggers so that when the temperature drops below City of Stockholm’s crisis limit of -7 degrees Celsius, the digital billboards display directions to open shelters nearby. Fifty-three billboards across Stockholm have been activated for the pilot programme, focusing on areas that are known to be gathering points for homeless people, which will last over two months.

When temperatures hit Stockholm’s crisis limit, the city of Stockholm together with churches and non-profit organizations open emergency shelters for those not covered by social services, however; information about the establishment of the shelters often does not reach the homeless in time. The Out of Home Project tackles this communication problem by activating Clear Channel’s digital panels which reach over a million people a day in Stockholm.

When the temperature is above the city’s crisis limit of minus seven degrees Celsius, the billboards display information on where people can donate necessities and how one can become a volunteer, as well as open day shelters for breakfast and warmth during the day.

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