DOOH Campaign Adopts Speed-Triggered Messaging to Promote New Yoghurt

Dannon Yogurt’s latest Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign goes far and beyond standard outdoor messaging, by adjusting its creative to reflect four pre-determined levels of traffic speed to deliver speed-triggered messaging.

The campaign, which incorporates real-time traffic data, will run on 24 roadside digital billboards across Toronto and Montreal. Varying traffic levels result in messages that reference the speed of vehicles passing the billboard in that particular moment, including calls-to-action for when traffic speeds become slower and attention levels increase.

This campaign comes at a time when advertisers are becoming more and more open to integrating real-time data into their Digital Out-of-Home campaigns. Whether their creative adapts to particular weather conditions or to reflect the latest scores at Wimbledon, one thing is clear – data is playing an increasingly importantly role in the future of the medium.

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