The Force is Strong with LEGO Star Wars’ Hi-Tech Gesture-Based DOOH Campaign

LEGO launched a Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign which invited shoppers to “Master the Force” to build the galaxy using on-screen LEGO bricks. The experiential campaign follows on from the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story in May, and promotes the latest characters and brick sets tied to the Star Wars anthology.

The interactive campaign is powered by gesture sensor technology enabling passers-by to simply and quickly engage with the LEGO sets on-screen. The user is prompted to choose a side and start building the spaceships of the new galaxy. The faster they build, the higher the score on the force meter as they strive to win the ultimate accolade of becoming a true Jedi Master. Participants are rewarded with the opportunity to ‘take a photo with the crew’, further amplifying the activity online through social sharing.

The campaign, planned and bought by Rapport, alongside Initiative and Grand Visual, ran over the course of a week on large-format digital screens in Bluewater and Newcastle Metro shopping centres, supplied by Limited Space.

Al Galletly, Brand Manager at LEGO, commented: 

“We want to inspire kids to play with LEGO Star Wars through amazing experiences and creative play, and this awesome attraction allows kids to interact with LEGO Sar Wars in a unique way.”

Ric Albert, Creative Director at Grand Visual, said:

“This immersive experience brings LEGO sets to life through the strategic use of creative technology, allowing customers to get hands-on and explore the latest products in a fun and memorable way. At the end of gameplay, the photo opportunity extends the life of the campaign to digital audiences by encouraging participants to share their picture with family and friends online.”

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