Hiscox Turns Billboards into Hacker Honeypots as Cyber-Risk Warning

Hiscox is using real-time cyber-attacks on “honeypot” servers linked to billboard displays for its latest advertising campaign “CyberLive”, in an effort to cement its place in the cyber-risk marketplace and raising awareness of the threat that cybercrime poses to small businesses.

Each time a cyber-attack occurs, a pulsing red light will appear on the poster. The creative appears more and more vivid, as more and more attacks occur throughout the day. The number of daily attempted attacks is around 23,000, meaning the proxy servers are expected to be the target of around 148,000 attempted attacks over the course of the campaign.

The campaign will run across Out-of-Home sites from Canary Wharf and Euston station, to key roadside locations in Glasgow.

Olivia Hendrick, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Hiscox UK & Ireland, said:

“Hiscox CyberLive is about making small businesses more aware of the very real threat that cybercrime poses and challenging the belief that cybercriminals only target larger organisations. We were genuinely astounded by the number of attacks, especially up to 60,000 in one day, and hope this disruptive campaign serves as a reminder to all of the importance of cybersecurity,” she added.

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