Limited Space Launches Ground-Breaking Rotating Screen

Limited Space will be launching the UK’s first in-mall giant rotational digital advertising screen at intu Lakeside this week with a campaign for the release of Despicable Me 3.

The three rotating screens, each measuring 7x4m, use specialised rotational technology to turn simultaneously whilst being able to keep a centralised perspective. The OOH campaign will be the first of its kind, featuring a 30-second animation specially created for the unique screen.

Using high definition dynamic display and audio to provide a unique, creative and impactful digital platform, the animation will appear as the screen seamlessly transitions between a landscape and portrait orientation, with the film’s lead characters battling for airtime as the screen completes its rotation.

Samantha Sida, C0-founder and CSO of Limited Space, said:

“The development of the Orbit network has been two years in the making and we are extremely excited to see this innovation become a reality with our partners Intu Shopping Centres and ADI. We are committed to the creation and development of effective, seamless communication channels that create engaging connections with shoppers and leisure seekers in this lifestyle environment.”

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