Maltesers Unveils Braille Billboard in Next Phase of Disability Campaign

Maltesers has launched a billboard in London written entirely in Braille as it continues its efforts to better represent disability in advertising. The bus shelter poster, which marks World Braille Day, reads: “caught a fast bus once – turns out it was a fire engine.” It will be accessible for everyone through a combination of audio description and a translation on Maltesers UK’s Facebook page.

The out-of-home campaign comes after the Mars brand released three TV ads featuring disabled actors during the Rio Paralympics in September. The spots won a Channel 4 competition awarding £1m in airtime to the best creative idea featuring disabled people.

Michele Oliver, Vice President of Marketing at Mars Chocolate UK, said:

“As one of the UK’s biggest advertisers, we have a responsibility and a role to play in championing greater inclusivity in our advertising and communications.

“Maltesers is the brand that looks on the light side of life and this scenario is just one example of the real-life, everyday experiences of people affected by sight loss; and in this case from Michelle in Glasgow. This small-scale activation is a natural next step in our ambition to get closer to our consumers, by normalising disability in advertising and communications, and using humour to challenge preconceptions.”

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