McDonald’s Reach Out a Tasty Helping Hand to Drivers Stuck in Traffic

November saw McDonald’s launch ‘Traffic Busters’, a unique roadside campaign that uses traffic data to automate contextual messages, aimed at tempting drivers to visit their nearest McDonald’s restaurant. The nationwide OOH campaign reacts to the speed of traffic at each location to deliver tactical messages across premium roadside billboards.

The campaign, which was produced by Grand Visual, features tantalising shots of McDonald’s most sought-after menu items, but when congestion levels rise, and traffic slows, the creative switches to display the brands’ iconic illuminated golden arches with the simple, relevant, call to action: “Stuck in a jam? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel”.

Katie Parker, Head of Marketing, at McDonald’s, said:

“This data-driven digital OOH campaign uses traffic speed to contextualise copy, reaching drivers with targeted and tactical messages that tap into their mindset in that moment.”

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer at Grand Visual, added:

“This tactical campaign is a great use of the medium. Simple, tantalising, recognisable product shots stimulate the appetite during fast flowing traffic, whilst longer contextual copy lines run during heavy, slow-moving traffic, acknowledging the delays to deliver a relevant and powerful call to action.”

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