NHS Blood and Transplant’s Life-Saving OOH Campaign Receives Resounding Appreciation

With the need for 20,000 new donors every year, NHS Blood and Transplant launched a new, creative advertising campaign to highlight the life-saving power of blood donation and encourage people who have never given blood before to register to donate blood for the first time.

The campaign, which ran in May, uses an augmented reality app that connected to a large advertising screen in London’s Westfield shopping centre. The animation featured an empty blood bag and ill patient, and used visual recognition to detect a sticker on the recipient’s skin which then overlays a plaster, needle and tube over their arm.

As the participant watches they see ‘blood’ flowing down the tube from their arm and up onto the screen in front of them. As the blood bag fills up, the virtual donor can watch as the sick patient gradually returns to health before their eyes.

By highlighting the importance of donation, and offering people a simulated insight into how giving blood can dramatically change a life, this campaign is a great example of how AR can be used in truly creative ways.

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