Rapport & UniLED Partner to Provide Complete Transparency to Digital Out-of-Home

Rapport has teamed up with UniLED to provide clients with standardised accountability and transparency never before achieved in digital out-of-home (DOOH) using software platform, Rapportal.

Created in partnership with UniLED, Rapportal is designed as a content delivery system. It streamlines the delivery workflow for advertisers, creative agencies and Media Owners for all DOOH assets. Rapportal is also already being successfully utilised by many of Rapport’s clients, including Sky, Spotify and Premier Inn. Meanwhile the initiative has been widely welcomed by the industry.

Rapportal has the ability to send DOOH artwork directly to media owners and monitor campaign delivery in real-time. Play-out reports are delivered directly back to Rapportal via play logs from players connected to each OOH screen. This provides an accurate reading of what has played and when.

The data is aggregated and displayed via the Rapportal dashboard. This allows real-time play-out analysis and provides true accountability for clients. If campaigns are under-delivering, the platform automatically alerts Rapport’s trading team to the potential problem. Advertisers also have a unique, secure dashboard access, allowing them to monitor their own campaign delivery as it happens.

Current media owners who provide play-out data through Rapportal include Exterion Media, Clear Channel, Primesight, Ocean Outdoor and Outdoor Plus.

What they say

James Rodham, Commercial Director, Rapport said: “Rapport has a long-standing heritage in offering clients transparency. We’re therefore delighted that UniLED is supporting us, by using their technological expertise in the DOOH space to extend one of our core brand values to the wider OOH industry. Consequently, our advertisers can now have the peace of mind that they are actually getting what they are paying for.”

Ben Zloof, Founder & Managing Director, UniLED said: “Rapport & UniLED share a vision to harness the capabilities of DOOH for advertisers. Together we recognize that providing a seamless content delivery workflow and standardized accountability are the primary objectives. Rapportal is therefore the realization of our vision and provides the foundations to support the continued growth of DOOH.”

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