Return of Piccadilly Lights Marked with Special Countdown

The world-famous Piccadilly Lights were switched back on this month after a nine-month blackout while renovation works took place. The landmark moment was marked with a special countdown streamed live across Facebook and YouTube.

The owner of Piccadilly Lights, Landsec, replaced the original patchwork of screens with a single 4K LED digital screen and live technology hub. This allows the screen to react to certain external factors, such as the weather or temperature, a feature that will enable brands to display creative and innovative content, such as weather-appropriate clothing. 

Tim Bleakley, CEO at Ocean Outdoor, commented:

“Piccadilly Lights is one of the world’s most responsive, feature-rich advertising displays. Today is a major milestone in the history of Piccadilly Lights and to mark it we have a superb line-up of iconic global brands across six categories ready to exercise its creativity.”

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