Sonos Holds ‘Free Speaker Swap’ Event at London’s King’s Cross Station

Sonos has physically manifested its latest global campaign ‘You’re better than this’ in London’s King’s Cross this month, offering 300 free speakers to consumers in exchange for their older, less reliable models.

Avid fans of the brand queued up from 5am this morning to offer up their hardware in a ‘speaker amnesty’. The discarded systems were built into a custom art installation.

Jamie Coomber, UK Marketing Director at Sonos, commented:

“We provide meaningful activities grounded in our product experience,” she said. “You won’t see us at field festivals or big concert halls – that’s not what our products are made for. You will see us showing up in homes and small cultural spaces where our brand and products fit naturally into those environments.”

The campaign is undoubtedly one of Sonos’ biggest and has been designed with the top of the funnel in mind: it’s all about getting consumers to purchase or swap, if they were one of the lucky 300, their first device.

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