The Guardian Breaks the Mould with a ‘Smashing’ Experiential Stunt in Berlin

The Guardian covered Berlin in 2,000 flyposters last month as part of a stunt that pleaded to the public to break the emergency glass in which the editions were housed in. Passers-by were then encouraged to take a complimentary copy of Guardian Weekly.

In 2018, the newspaper brought the Guardian Weekly back to life, and this recent experiential activity reaffirms its approach to drive more international readers.

Germany has seen growth of 54% since its relaunch in 2018, becoming the largest of the EU markets for the publication.

Kate Davies, Director of Brand and Awareness at the Guardian, said:

“We noticed we had impressive growth in Europe, so we wanted to see if we could stimulate more awareness for the product without tonnes of cash. We needed to be smart with our budget, so we looked at hyper-localized markets.”

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