Trolls Set to Capture the Hearts of Commuters at Clapham Common!

Clapham Common Underground Station has been overrun by colourful animated Trolls! The posters of cats that have captured the imagination of commuters and social media for the last two weeks have been updated with the colourful, long haired, fun loving characters from the new Dreamworks movie TROLLS, releasing in cinemas nationwide on 21st October.

Twentieth Century Fox who are distributing the movie said they had been inspired by the CATS campaign, launched at the same station on the 12th September, which solely featured cats and aimed at creating a fun and friendly public space.

Chris Green, Marketing Director at 20th Century Fox, commented:

“As a cat lover myself I loved the CATS campaign, it was incredibly effective but most importantly it made people smile. With our fun-loving Trolls hitting cinemas in just a few weeks, a movie which is all about audiences having fun and spreading a little happiness, it felt right we should carry on this fun theme and hopefully provide some amusement for people on their way to work.

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