WARC Data: Out-of-Home is Key to Building Successful Brands

According to WARC Data’s latest Global Ad Trends report, successful brands allocate 13% of their media budgets to outdoor advertising, while the channel’s share of global display ad spend has remained stable over the last 10 years.

The report revealed that the heaviest OOH spenders were government and non-profit campaigns, which committed an average of 26% of total budgeted spend. Alcoholic drinks brands (16%) and retail brands (14%) were also among the core investors.

These claims are supported by a recent OOH effectiveness study commissioned by Rapport, in association with the IPA. The study, written by marketing analyst Peter Field, examined 147 case studies from the IPA’s Effectiveness Awards Databank, focusing on “power users” of outdoor media, who have invested at least 15% of their budgets on the medium.

Field claimed that those campaigns receive a boost of over one-third in market share and a 20% increase in profit growth. These “Power Users” also achieved markedly greater brand uplifts compared to those eschewing OOH, boosting “Esteem” metrics by 41% and “Fame” by 32%, the latter a key driver of long-term profitability according to Field and Les Binet’s 2012 report, “The Long and the Short of It”.

The full findings can be downloaded here: http://www.rapportww.com/giants/

James McDonald, Data Editor at WARC, explained:

“OOH is an industry staple, attracting a consistent share of successful brands’ budgets over the long-term. The channel delivers affordable reach with CPM routinely below the all media average. OOH is well-placed for future advancement with rising digital penetration delivering flexible creative informed by rich audience data.”

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