OOH Thrives

The power of OOH has been recognized by savvy brands and agencies who understand the force that drives consumer connections and engages personal experiences.  It’s more relevant than ever because it has the power to amplify the impact of all other media, particularly online and mobile – today’s largest channels.

Digital OOH (DOOH) is growing at a fast pace, it represents about 29 percent of total OOH revenue.  Brands are helping in the growth because they are excited about the flexibility DOOH provides, yet at the same time, they still rely on the brand-building power and presence static OOH also gives them.

Conversion is also a huge factor associated with the growth of DOOH.  It has become a common practice for billboard, street furniture, and transit inventory, although newly-built assets like digital place-based networks continue to expand into new venues every year.

Despite the conversion and new DOOH inventory, the OOH industry as a whole is experiencing substantial growth.  Last year the industry grew 4.5 percent, and the trend is continuing into this year.  The OOH industry has grown consistently for the past 35 quarters.

With its wide range of sizes, shapes, and ongoing improvements with advanced technology, OOH advertising is a valuable media channel.  Both static and digital assets target and reach real consumers engaged in the physical world.  Any OOH asset can reach the right consumers, with the right message, at the right place and time.


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