At the annual TwitchCon event in San Diego back in September, they showed off a refreshed design while also unveiling an advertising campaign emphasizing the fact that Twitch is not just a medium for video-gaming sessions, but that it is also an all-purpose live-streaming platform. As referenced by Chad Stoller, global chief innovation officer at UM Worldwide, in an article by the New York Times, the Twitch audience is difficult to reach. Being younger and incredibly digitally savvy, many of them are running ad blockers. Yet as an unblockable ad format, OOH was perfectly placed to connect with existing and prospective users.

With their first-ever OOH campaign, they wanted to achieve overall awareness and showcase the main Twitch players to boost up moral. They spread their campaign across San Francisco, New York, Miami, LA, Dallas, and Chicago. Utilizing wildpostings, wallscapes, and digital inventory. They pushed out the campaign with the slogan “You’re already one of us” playing up to their versatility.  They also showcased their partnership with the NFL for Thursday Night Football, showcasing on a few boards. 

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