JetBlue #NYCTakeOff

JetBlue wanted to remind New Yorkers that they are their hometown airline by turning a traditional OOH program into the unexpected.

The Challenge

Rapport and Mullen Lowe were tasked with brainstorming a creative way to turn a typical bus shelter package into a program that could drive consumer engagement. Prizes were being offered as part of the campaign, so we needed to ensure that they were found in a fun and interactive way to not only create buzz, but also allow us to record peoples reactions and create content that could live online.

Our Solution

Working with our partners at Cemusa we found an adhesive that would allow us to install our Bus posters on the outside of the shelter allowing them to be torn off by consumers walking by. All people had to do was be curious, be brave, and tear off the adhesive posters to win amazing prizes. Since some versions of the creative were allocated by borough, neighborhood, or actual prizes themselves, we hired dedicated installers to ensure everything was posted properly. By taking this approach, it also allowed film crews to be onsite and record people’s shock and enjoyment after winning one of Jet Blue’s incredible prizes.


54% of units were redeemed within 24 hours. The video that was released generated over 1.6 million views along with positive consumer reaction and press mentions in Entrepreneur, Creativity, Travel + Leisure, and Fox 5.

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