Sony Pictures “The Angry Birds Movie”

To generate buzz and excitement for The Angry Birds Movie in May, 2016 Sony Pictures blanketed 27 markets and utilized a first to market double decker bus execution.

The Challenge

Sony was looking to breathe life into a well-known but past-its-prime brand to introduce The Angry Birds Movie, while distinguishing it from the well-known mobile game.  It was important to reach a broad audience with multiple touch points throughout the campaign so moviegoers could encounter many different characters within each market.

Our Solution

Rapport executed an OOH campaign in 27 total markets, on 16 different formats. Showcasing the characters in unique, eye-catching ways on all formats, revived nostalgia for the brand while developing them as movie characters. On the bulletins five characters were highlighted with oversized extensions and a few bulletins received the “Bombed Out” treatment where the back panels were removed and made to look like Bomb, the black bird, had exploded. 

Though a first-to-market execution, Red, Chuck and Bomb were built out in 3D, illuminated and placed on the sides of large wrapped buses. This particular execution used the largest 3D printer in North America.  Not only was this the first time a 3D printer had been used for fabricating advertising creative, this particular execution would not have been possible without it due to weight/size restrictions on the bus.


The OOH campaign was a huge hit!  The creative stood out on the street and was everywhere.  In addition, the 3D illuminated double decker buses created a lot of buzz – an estimated 2.9MM impressions on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)!  The client was so pleased with the double decker buses that they asked to have them at their red carpet premiere – which created additional buzz.

In addition, the film ranked #1 and made just over $38M on opening weekend, which exceeded the projected opening gross.

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