Aldi Amplify Press Campaign Using Digital Out-of-Home

With the continued decline in Press readership, could Aldi amplify their press messages using digital Out-of-Home (OOH)?

The Challenge

Newspapers are an important media channel for all grocers – and Aldi is no exception.

Yet print readership is in terminal decline, meaning Aldi’s sales activation messages are reaching less and less people.

Could the flexibility of digital OOH be used to mirror Aldi’s press activity – and amplify the message?

Our Solution

In order to test whether we could amplify Aldi’s existing Press message, digital OOH was added to Aldi’s planned Press activation.

Rapport planned the digital OOH tactically, with consideration given to Aldi’s store footprint and the regional audience distribution achieved by their Press activity. The campaign ran for one-day only to complement their “special buy” sales activation running in national newspapers.

By creating Test & Control research cells, we were able to identify whether or not there was a significant boost in ad awareness and product consideration among our Main Shopper target audience.


Digital OOH reached new grocery shoppers for Aldi. Of the people exposed to Aldi’s DOOH ad, 80% hadn’t seen the Press ad.

Top of Mind Brand Awareness was 35% higher than Press readers, with less grocer competition in DOOH helping Aldi achieve stand-out.

Digital OOH performance was on par with Press – with 2 in 3 people who recalled the ad spontaneously remembering the product message.

Intention to visit store increased 9% among people exposed to both digital OOH and Press.

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