OOH Effectiveness Study by Rapport and IPA Reveals That Outdoor Boosts Market Share by a Third

An out-of-home (OOH) effectiveness study commissioned by Rapport, in association with the IPA has revealed that advertising can boost market share by more than a third.

The study, written by marketing analyst Peter Field, examined 147 case studies from the IPA’s Effectiveness Awards Databank, focusing on “power users” of outdoor media, who have invested at least 15% of their budgets on the medium. Field claimed that those campaigns receive a boost of over one-third in market share and a 20% increase in profit growth.

These “Power Users” also achieved markedly greater brand uplifts compared to those eschewing OOH, boosting “Esteem” metrics by 41% and “Fame” by 32%, the latter a key driver of long-term profitability according to Field and Les Binet’s 2012 report, “The Long and the Short of It”.

Peter Field, Marketing Consultant, said:

“In today’s highly crowded media environment, the impact on consumer brand memory structures is important and valuable. Moreover, its flexibility can be exploited to drive both short-term activation effects as well as long-term brand effects. As a result, campaigns using OOH deliver sturdier business results and enhance the effectiveness of other media compared to those shunning OOH.”

Paul Sambrook, Global Marketing Director of Rapport, added:

“In an increasingly cluttered media landscape, it is imperative to take stock of what’s working and improve upon it.

“This report provides tangible proof of OOH’s power to drive not just advertising success, but also business success; what constitutes best-practice in OOH; and how it integrates effectively with other media channels.”

The full presentation can be downloaded here: https://rapportww.com/giants/

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