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    Tech Innovation – Gold
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About the project

If Sky Glass is more than just a TV, then our OOH campaign had to be more than posters, going beyond expectations of what advertising can deliver to drive the talkability that leads to fame.


The Challenge

Sky Glass was the biggest product launch in Sky’s 32-year history, built to revolutionise the very definition of TV.

But for the first time in a long time, Sky was a challenger brand in a very established marketplace. Our objectives were clear but not necessarily easy:

  • Fame: Create an iconic launch moment, dominating SOV in market. Deliver scale to our nationwide Best of Everything audience (BoE)
  • Consideration: Unpack product benefits
  • Activation: Raise the profile of Sky stores and increase footfall
  • Talkability: Provide innovation that showcases the product’s benefits

The Execution

A core benefit of OOH is its ability to drive reach quickly, and whilst we knew this would be hugely important for this launch, we needed our campaign to be more than reach. We needed to maximise our use of OOH formats to deliver Fame, Consideration, Activation & Talkability.

We knew seeing the product in person would be crucial, so we also needed to drive footfall to the new Sky Stores.

We continued our multi-format approach within the mall environment. We used stature formats to drive fame and awareness, introducing the product. Alongside this we looked to take 50% of Digital-6s to drive high levels of frequency, with contextual store-specific creative.

A launch campaign of this scale would not be complete without us bringing the product to life by pushing the boundaries of OOH creativity. Within this campaign we delivered eight innovative executions, four UK media firsts, across over 400 locations. All of which focused on the Pixel Trail within the creative to showcase the magic of Sky Glass.

The Imax with 48,000 LED lights and LCD installation where the pixels moved and changed colour alongside eight special builds on the Waterloo domination.

National 3D anamorphic DOOH, showcasing the product with no need for a dish or box. A gigantic 5mx5m Sky Glass Cube outside Kings Cross, highlighting screen quality, Sky Inside and Dolby Atmos sound included.

We also built further scale for our innovation with a special print technique on all backlight 48s and over 300 x bus shelter 6s. In a medium where innovation often means a one-off stunt, this campaign was arguably the first ever to truly deliver innovation at scale.

London IMAX

Storm Cromination

The Result

In total the OOH campaign reached 86% of the UK, playing a huge role in Sky’s biggest ever launch. Not only did we incorporate four UK media firsts, our innovation placements alone delivered a magical 36.3m impacts across the entire UK.

The campaign was a huge success, delivering more awareness than ever previously achieved. Sky Glass achieved more than double the prompted awareness of their previous biggest launch results for Sky Mobile.

Sky Glass also achieved 90% of the estimated pre-registrations in day one alone and drove three times the target by the end of the campaign.

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