Rapportal is our proprietary technology suite.



An automation vision to democratize Out-of-Home.

OOH has historically been challenging to plan & buy – a fragmented market with too little standardisation meant that executing an OOH campaign was arduous. Rapport set about changing this on behalf of our clients – with a vision to automate as many aspects of the process as possible. The ultimate goal was to deliver an end-to-end solution that enabled agile and transparent OOH planning & buying.


What we do

Introducing the Rapportal ecosystem

Rapportal Planning

Rapportal Planning – powered by Google Maps & Places – provides the ability to instantly discover all OOH inventory in any given location. Search by points of interest, create your own catchment areas, review ad inventory imagery and analyse audience impressions.

Rapportal Marketplace

Rapportal Marketplace brings automation to OOH – enabling direct access to media owners and availability of ad inventory at the click of a button – enabling fast & hyper-local OOH planning & buying capabilities.

Rapportal Live

Rapportal Live is our Digital OOH (DOOH) content delivery system & ad verification platform – accessible through an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard – delivering fast and transparent DOOH.

Transparent OOH planning & buying • Transparent OOH planning & buying •

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