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About the project

To promote the launch of H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story, we brought the brand’s vision to life with a 3D interactive installation at the Oculus of World Trade Center and within H&M’s 5th Avenue NY flagship store.


The Challenge

H&M tasked Rapport and Impact to create buzz around their first own design collection – H&M Innovation – Circular Design Story – a high fashion party collection that is both sustainable and innovative. The interactive experiences had to be captivating and easily shareable on social media, while keeping the circularity theme of the campaign top of mind. 

The Execution

With a collection full of bold imagery and bright colors, we decided to create two interactive social moments in NYC during the two weeks leading up to the official launch of the collection.

One of the immersive experiences was housed in-store at 589 5th Avenue and the second lived at The Oculus in lower Manhattan for 2 days. The activation was inspired by H&M’s sustainable processes and fabrics while remaining radically fashion-forward. Utilizing the custom builds created and campaign visuals, vibrant colors were bounced off of reflective mirrors and motion tracking LED screens simulated an infinite loop for the most Instagram-able moments.

Fashion and sustainable influencers alike were invited to either pop up to show off the collection and encourage their followers to check out the activations and share in the fun via social media. QR codes placed at both experiences linking to H&M’s sustainability page as well as a sweepstake allowed for tracking of consumer engagement.

While simultaneously promoting H&M’s forward-thinking approach to sustainability and the launch of their new line, the brand established a major footprint within NYC in the most notable of locations

The pop-up attracted over 1,000 visitors

130,000 likes generated further social media buzz

The Result

The goal of delivering a highly visible, interactive & engaging wow experience to celebrate the H&M Innovation collection proved to do just that. During our 2 day activation at The Oculus, over 1,100 consumers visited and engaged with the pop up with over 180,000 total impressions garnered.

About one-third of all who engaged in the space scanned and interacted with one of two QR codes placed at the entrance and exit of the footprint. The integration of 8 influencers provided additional reach of almost one- million, with 970,000 reel plays and 130,000 likes, further generating buzz surrounding the collection.

When the launch date of December 16th finally arrived, the collection did exceptionally well running in line with about 68% sell-through after the first 3 days, which the client reported as impressive compared to previous collection drops. Overall, the H&M Innovation immersive experiences were successful at boosting fashion credibility, building brand affinity and establishing H&M as a leader in the sustainability space.

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