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About the project

Over the course of the Ramadan month, Brown & Polson wanted to bring Muslims closer to Allah, encouraging a healthy lifestyle in and outside of the home.


The Challenge

The key objective of the campaign was to influence the purchase intent of Brown & Polson, in an effort to create sustained brand visibility and enhance customer retention over the course of the religious holiday.

Brown & Polson needed to reach target audience households by attracting customers in-store and bringing the brand front-of-mind within the home.

The Execution

We identified the areas with the highest density of mosques, and within those areas, we shortlisted the stores with the highest sales of Brown & Polson products.

Large format billboards were used to announce critical campaign messaging. Store customers were awarded with Hadiya, a religious gift, in the form of a rechargeable digital screen, which could be attached to their fridge by magnet, and programmed to display various recipes using a selection of Brown & Polson products.

These devices would also play Azaan, as per Awwal-e- Waqt – notifying the time for fasting and prayers for the next five years.

Targeted messaging was displayed outside an iconic mosque within the city and a customized digital screen was installed, displaying exact Suhoor and Iftaar timings each day over the course of the month.

Store customers were awarded with a religious gift

Devices were programmed to display various recipes

The Result

Brown & Polson increased market penetration to 4% over the course of the campaign, achieving an increase in brand affinity of 15%.

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