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About the project

We launched an ad campaign for Insure Earth, a fictitious Earth insurance brand, to highlight the need for climate action in the run-up to Earth Day on April 22nd, 2021.


The Challenge

Last year Rapport was proud to be the only agency shortlisted in this category for the launch of our environmental initiative ‘Beyond’. We devised our own DOOH carbon calculator and used our Rapportal Live technology to calculate the energy used across all of our DOOH campaigns, offsetting the emissions on behalf of our clients through a range of global development projects. Yet we still wanted to go beyond.

The original concept of the name ‘Beyond’ was to push beyond what people would expect from an OOH specialist. With that in mind, we had the crazy notion of using the power of our media channel to create an ad campaign around Earth Day 2021. Three months before Earth Day, we ran our first cross-market ideation session within Rapport, bringing together our Beyond environmental taskforces from the UK & US. Our objectives were:

  • To raise awareness of Rapport’s environmental & sustainability credentials within the advertising community
  • To promote the use OOH as a platform for good
  • To make a positive impact in helping to drive climate action conversation around Earth Day 2021

We conducted internal focus groups and found that whilst almost everyone understood the danger that our planet was facing, most people felt the problem was simply too big for them to contribute in a meaningful way. What could they do as individuals that would make a difference?

The Execution

A core benefit of OOH is its ability to drive reach quickly, and whilst we knew this would be hugely important for this launch, we needed our campaign to be more than reach. We needed to maximise our use of OOH formats to deliver Fame, Consideration, Activation & Talkability.

We knew seeing the product in person would be crucial, so we also needed to drive footfall to the new Sky Stores.

We continued our multi-format approach within the mall environment. We used stature formats to drive fame and awareness, introducing the product. Alongside this we looked to take 50% of Digital-6s to drive high levels of frequency, with contextual store-specific creative.

A launch campaign of this scale would not be complete without us bringing the product to life by pushing the boundaries of OOH creativity. Within this campaign we delivered eight innovative executions, four UK media firsts, across over 400 locations. All of which focused on the Pixel Trail within the creative to showcase the magic of Sky Glass.

The Imax with 48,000 LED lights and LCD installation where the pixels moved and changed colour alongside eight special builds on the Waterloo domination.

National 3D anamorphic DOOH, showcasing the product with no need for a dish or box. A gigantic 5mx5m Sky Glass Cube outside Kings Cross, highlighting screen quality, Sky Inside and Dolby Atmos sound included.

We also built further scale for our innovation with a special print technique on all backlight 48s and over 300 x bus shelter 6s. In a medium where innovation often means a one-off stunt, this campaign was arguably the first ever to truly deliver innovation at scale.

InsurEarth in Times Square, USA

InsurEarth in London, UK

The Result

The OOH campaign delivered an enormous 84 million impacts globally! Control vs. Test campaign research showed that OOH increased intent to search online for more information by +14%, as well as an increased intent to change behavior to help combat climate change by +16%.

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